14-Year-Old Bags Potential Texas Youth State Record Buck In The Pouring Rain

Hunter Texas
Rickey Brewer II

That’s one selfless father right there.

It isn’t everyday that you come across the buck of a lifetime. And for Rickey Brewer, he had been hunting a big 31-point buck on the 15,000-acre Red River Army Depot, located near Texarkana in East Texas.

He had a close call with the buck last season, however, this time he let his 14-year-old daughter Reilli take the shot instead.

Rickey told Outdoor Life:

“I’ve been watching that buck on trail cameras for years. That day with my daughter, the weather was terrible–drizzling rain, chilly. But I knew the buck was there. So, we went to the stand about 2 p.m. It was thundering.”

“We rattled in four different bucks that day (Oct. 29), and Reilli passed them all, holding out for the giant buck. She wasn’t going to shoot anything else.”

At 6:20 p.m, he walked away to go to the truck and warm up, as Reilli was wearing his rain gear, and apparently that was all he needed to do. When he heard the shot, he took off 400 yards back to the stand.

Reilli told the outlet:

“It was pouring rain, and I was soaking wet and cold when Dad left for his truck. A few minutes later I looked up and there was the buck, walking down a trail eating acorns. When he stepped behind a tree, I raised my rifle, put the crosshairs on his shoulder, and squeezed the trigger.”

The buck weighed about 160 pounds dressed and estimated it to be about 5.5 years old, and looks to shatter the youth state record. With a score of 238 1/8 inches, it blows the previous record of 209 inches out of the water.

Big deer Bowie county 31 points 29 scoreable.
Green score at 1st score :244 4/8
Second score (taxidermist) 238 1/8
Official score : will be posted once completed

Here’s more on the big buck from Reilli and her dad:

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