Young Whitetail Deer Runs Full Sprint Through The Front Glass Of A Lingerie Store In Michigan

Deer crashes through store window
Curvaceous Lingerie

We can now use “like a bull in a china shop” and “like a deer in a lingerie store” interchangeably.

While all of these deer hunters are sitting out in tree stands waiting for bucks to walk by, the bucks are too busy crashing their way into lingerie stores.

This young whitetail buck in Michigan got into a bit of trouble this past weekend when it inexplicably ran and jumped at full sprint speed into a lingerie store’s front window. Curvaceous Lingerie in Lansing, Michigan would usually always welcome customers mad-dashing into their store, but not exactly like this.

Security camera footage captured the wild incident, which first shows the young buck from the outside of the store running across the street at high speed and jumping into the glass. Cameras that were positioned inside the building then picked up where the outside left off, showing the deer crash into the storefront with glass raining down all across the floor.

One woman was standing inside the store when she saw the deer heading her way and quickly (and intelligently) decided to get the hell out of dodge. It’s a good thing she did, because the deer makes it a good 15 feet into the store through the air, and was only slowed down by one of the mannequins positioned in the middle of the room.

The deer lands hard and slides into a clothes rack and table, bringing everything down in a chaotic crash. It appears that the deer became stuck under one the tables, which only made it flail more, and caused a massive amount of lingerie to be displaced.

Another angle that is included in the video shows those stuck in the store with the deer trying to figure out when a good time to make a break for the door as the buck continues to wreak havoc in the store.

Footage from the front of the store eventually shows the deer trying to bust back out through another window, clanking its antler against the glass as pedestrians on the sidewalk tried to figure out what was going on.

The deer finally figures out that the door is open, and slips and slides its way out of the store. Before it left on its own, it did manage to cause a good amount of damage to Curvaceous Lingerie, though maybe the publicity of the story will draw viewers to check out their store.

With it being rutting season, it’s not totally out of the norm for deer to act strange and manic, though I would be comfortable putting money on the fact that this is the first time a deer broke into a lingerie store.

Curvaceous Lingerie posted the almost unbelievable video to their Facebook page, saying:

“Unexpected visitor at Curvaceous Lingerie! Nature’s lingerie enthusiast making a surprise appearance.”

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