Bear Runs Out And Ragdolls A Moose Calf Right In Front Of Vehicle

Bear chases down moose

When you think of the most powerful animals in North America, brown bears are always quick to come to mind. They have a reputation as one of the most fierce animals out there, and they back it up.

Reaching 1,000 pounds in some places, they are known for their hunting abilities and deadly bite force that can crush bone with ease. They use their claws to rip through trees and with their muscle and strength, they can toss a full-grown moose around.

Brown bears are omnivorous as they need to eat anything they can to put on weight for the winter. But they love meat when they get the chance, and young animals are the easiest for them to get. And here’s your front row seat to that natural phenomenon.

The folks were in the car when they came around a corner to see the bear mauling a moose calf. The vehicle scares the bear off and gives the moose calf a second to try and escape, but the bear is quickly back on it. The car tries to scare it away again, but they just can’t stop nature. The bears heads back into the trees for cover, but its eyes are on that moose calf the entire time.

The calf makes its way across the road and into the woods, but make no mistake, the bear saw exactly where it headed.

I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I bet that moose was dinner…

And that is nature, folks.

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