Jimmy Buffett Teams Up With Emmylou Harris For Cover Of Bob Dylan’s “Mozambique” On Final Album ‘Equal Strain On All Parts’

Jimmy Buffett
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Equal Strain On All Parts is here, leading the legacy of Jimmy Buffett to live on.

Since the passing of Parrot Head leader Jimmy Buffett, his island sound continues to live on through his library, and songs are being released from his archive.

The most recent being a sensational cover of Bob Dylan’s hit 1976 track, “Mozambique,” housed on Buffett’s new album. With heavy-hitting steel drum sounds, you are transported to the tropical country of Southern Africa.

When the track was initially recorded, there was a political context, as Mozambique gained independence as a nation a month before Dylan recorded it. However, the lighthearted messaging plays more into the cultural aspect of the nation, highlighting the beaches and posing it as a lovely place to fall in love.

The tropical melodies and lighthearted messaging makes it a perfect track for Buffett to pick up. He insisted on Emmylou Harris for the female harmonies, making it a full circle moment as she appeared in Dylan’s version as well.

Buffett, of course, puts his island flair on the tune, making it his own.

While all the tracks on Equal Strain On All Parts are incredible, this one is an early favorite. Hell, hearing these lyrics make me want to head down to “Mozambique.”

“I like to spend some time in MozambiqueThe sunny sky is aqua blueAnd all the couples dancing cheek to cheek.It’s very nice to stay a week or two.And maybe fall in love, just me and you…”

The release of this song is accompanied by an incredible behind-the-scenes video that highlights the studio time Harris and Buffett shared, making this track come to life.

Without the original, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this incredible cover, so listen to Bob Dylan’s version while you’re here.

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