Alaskan Fisherman Shoos Away Black Bear With His Fishing Rod

Bear fisherman

Just another day in Alaska.

When you’re around bears all the time, it just becomes part of your life. It’s not that you don’t care or aren’t on the lookout for that one-off bad one, but it becomes normal.

Alaska is a place known for its bears, whether its the big coastal browns, itss over 100,000 black bears, and way in the north, even its polar bears.

Black bears are funny animals when you are around them a lot. They are to smart and curious for their own good and often wonder into human areas looking for food. These animals can reach over 600 pounds and need plenty of food to store fat for the winter months.

In Alaska, the best food source for bears comes in the form of fish. The fish have nutrient rich meat that helps the bears pack on the pounds they need.

Bears aren’t the only ones that want these fish. Tons of people line up on shorelines to get a haul of salmon.

Naturally, these fisherman encounter bears occasionally. This Alaskan fisherman showed how to scare off a bear without even thinking about it, when a bunch of folks are seen fishing on a riverbank.

One fisherman turns around and notices a black bear creeping in trying to get an easy meal. Without hesitation the man reaches his rod out and just wiggles it at the bear shooing it away.

Just another day fishing in Alaska.

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