Nashville Predators Forward Gustav Nyquist Pauses To Pick His Missing Teeth Up Off The Ice

Gustav Nyquit

I’m not really sure what took me so long to get on board with hockey. In what other sport do the referees allow players to stop playing the sport and bare-knuckle fist fight each other? Hockey, and the NHL, are undoubtedly doing professional sports the right way.

The only downside to the allowed physicality of hockey is that sometimes, players lose some/most/all of their teeth. Hopefully the NHL has a good dental plan for their players.

One of those hockey players, Gustav Nyquist of the Nashville Predators, had to do the tooth-version of the “52 Card Pickup” when he took a high stick to the mouth as his team played against the Seattle Kraken.

Hockey players know that they face a lot of potential injury when skating out on the ice, whether it be an errant puck, or like this Nashville player, an opposing team’s hockey stick right to the face.

Adam Larsson was the player for the Seattle Kraken that knocked out Nyquist’s teeth, and he ended up being assessed a double minor for the “high sticking” of his opponent. While he spent four minutes in the penalty box, Nyquist spent almost half a minute tracking all of his teeth down that had fallen onto the ice.

Take a look:

Hockey players are just built different…and by that I mean none of them have their real teeth anymore.

X users in the reply section of the post made sure to commend the the Predators player for his toughness, while also asking a couple of questions that we were probably all thinking:

The tooth fairy, if they visit grown adult hockey players, better be pulling out the big bucks for Nyquist…

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