Black Bear In California Breaks Into Home… And Burns It Down

Black bears burns house down
Fox 26

Since this story is associated with Whiskey Riff, shall we compare it to some country songs that have to do with fire?

We certainly don’t have to, but it does seem as though “The Fireman” by George Strait, “Standing Outside The Fire” by Garth Brooks, or “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash would be close enough to suffice a comparison.

Of course, outside the country genre, the perfect (and I mean perfect) tune to tie in with this story is the hit from the Talking Heads “Burning Down The House,” which is exactly what a black bear did recently out west.

A homeowner named Carmen Morales-Board in California is left to pick up the pieces of her cabin in the Camp Nelson area after a bear broke into her house and accidentally burnt the entire building down.

Security camera footage of the black bear wandering around the home shortly before it broke into it connects the bruin to the scene, and investigation of the home’s ruins following the fire painted the bruin as the prime suspect.

As to how the wild animal was able to start a fire within the house, Morales-Board told Fox 26 news:

“I guess (the canned goods) flew across the kitchen and hit, it’s a very narrow kitchen and hit the stove top and hit the burner, the burn knob and was able to light the stove that way.

There’s nothing left. It’s gone. The chimney’s left, that’s all.”

Homeowner in the Camp Nelson area have apparently dealt with an increase in bear activity and incidents, and are asking the state’s department of fish and wildlife to act, ideally by relocating some of the bears that have caused trouble.

The spokesperson for the department basically said that relocating the rabble-rousing bears would only introduce other communities to the same issues, so there’s really nothing they can do. But let’s get the facts straight. This sole bear’s act would land it in a heap of legal fees and felony charges if it were held to the same standard as a human.

Breaking and entering is considering a felony, and can usually result in up to 12 months of jail time. Arson is also considered to be a felony, and in California, the minimum sentence is three years in prison.

Instead of being brought to justice, this bear just continues to wander the wilderness and live out its bear life. That “bearly” seems fair to me (sorry, I had to).

You can view the news story about the arsonist bear below:

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