Big & Rich Will Debut A New College Football Anthem For FOX Sports Based On “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy” This Weekend

Big & Rich
Big & Rich

Big & Rich are back.

The duo was removed from College GameDay after 16 years of performing “Comin’ To Your City” as the theme song to the ESPN pregame show. For this season, the song was re-recorded by Lainey Wilson, Darius Rucker and The Cadillac Three, a decision that John Rich says he’s “not sure” why the network made.

But apparently the country music duo have found a new home, with John Rich revealing on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show that they have a new college football anthem debuting this weekend on FOX Sports – and this one’s based on one of their biggest hits:

“We actually took ‘Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy,’ which is the biggest song we’ve ever had, we took that music and wrote an entire special piece of music for Big Noon Kickoff.

It’s going to air tomorrow, and we are absolutely pumped to have graduated to a major network like that, and to have our voices heard again.”

Rich says the opportunity came along after ESPN decided to drop the duo:

“We weren’t real happy that we don’t get to sing our own song anymore. I mean, we weren’t really happy about that.

So this opportunity comes along from FOX Sports. They said, ‘Hey, we love Big & Rich and Cowboy Troy. You guys wanna do something with us?’

Of course we want to do something, we love college football.”

So if you’ve missed hearing Big & Rich kicking off your college football game day, seems like you’ll finally have your chance again tomorrow on FOX Sports Big Noon Kickoff.

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