Big & Rich Announce That They Will No Longer Be Part Of The Opening For ‘College Gameday’

Big & Rich ESPN College GameDay

As a massive college football fan, there’s nothing better than waking up on Saturday morning in the fall, rolling out of bed, and the first thing you flip on TV is College Football GameDay, knowing that you have several hours of watching football ahead of you.

However, it appears that the traditional GameDay soundtrack that we’ve grown so used to hearing over the past several years is being shaken up a bit, as Big & Rich will no longer be a part of it.

For the past 16 years, their song “Comin’ To Your City” has been the theme song for the opening of College GameDay. But it seems like that might be changing – or at least Big & Rich won’t be the ones singing it.

The country music duo made the announcement on Twitter, sharing in a post:

“College GameDay, it’s been an honor. Time to officially pass the torch after 16 incredible years!”

The post features a video as well, showing co-frontmen John Rich and Big Kenny, with Big Kenny saying:

“It’s been a great 16 years, being the voices of the College GameDay open.”

And Rich adds:

“And now we’re excited to officially pass the torch to these extremely talented artists. We can’t say who just yet, but tune in to ESPN on Saturday September 2nd at 9 AM to find out.”

Of course, it’s uncertain why Big & Rich will no longer be a part of the GameDay experience, whether it was for political reasons, personal reasons, or if it was just time to change things up.

And we also don’t know if it will just be new artists singing the song, or if “Comin’ to Your City” is going away altogether in favor of a different song.

I would definitely miss hearing this one if it went away entirely.

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