Low Water Bridge Band Debuts New Single “Clarke County Clay”

Low Water Bridge Band country music
James Montgomery

Appalachia has been a hotbed for country music of late, and Low Water Bridge Band is poised to be the next big thing hailing from the region.

With roots in the Shenandoah Valley town of Berryville, Virginia, the up and coming Americana act formed in 2020 and laid the foundation for what was to come with their debut album Midnight in Virginia in 2021. And over the past couple of years, they have steadily grown their fanbase through extensive touring and the power of word of mouth. But now, with a strong following and more experience under their belt, Low Water Bridge Band is on the verge of releasing a sophomore record that has the potential to catapult the band into the forefront of the Americana scene.

Before the full project Back to the Valley drops on November 17, though, Low Water Bridge Band has one more single to be released, and we’re excited to bring you an early listen here at Whiskey Riff with the exclusive premier of “Clarke County Clay.”

Featuring impressive harmonies from several band members, “Clarke County Clay” is ominously relatable as it delves into the difficulties of managing several responsibilities and maintaining mental well-being, as well as some of these dark thoughts that may encroach on one’s mind as a result. An eerie ode to the cycle people find themselves in every day, both in the band’s home of Clarke County, Virginia and elsewhere, frontman Logan Moore provided some additional context behind the song’s meaning:

​​”‘Clarke County Clay’ is a haunting tune about an old soul trying to navigate life in the new world. Have you ever felt so low that it feels like you’re drowning in your own sorrows? Unable to catch a breath, sinking and struggling to keep your head above water?

‘Clarke County Clay’ is about a man who is overwhelmed with life’s challenges. Kids to feed, a wife to keep happy and bills piling high. This man thinks he only has one option for a way out of his own personal hell, to be buried 6 feet down on cold Clarke County Clay.”

While some may assume a song with such heavy content matter might be slow and stripped back, it actually brings out quite the opposite from Low Water Bridge Band, whose predominantly country sound is often laden with guitar riffs and heavier instrumentation demonstrative of their rock and roll sensibilities.

“This song is probably my favorite to play live. The energy and emotions coming from this tune are raw and powerful for those feeling like they are alone in battling the thoughts of having no way out. There’s no happy ending here in this song… much like how it plays out in real life.”

So, without further ado, listen to “Clarke County Clay” before it officially drops tomorrow:

In addition to Moore, Low Water Bridge Band is comprised of brothers Riley and Alex Kerns, who keep the rhythm on drums and bass respectively and provide the harmonies, as well as Justin Carver on pedal steel and banjo, James Montgomery slinging lead guitar, and multi-instrumentalist Rudy Bzdyk providing fiddle, keys, trumpet, and just about anything else the band needs.

Together, the six piece Low Water Bridge Band is a force to be reckoned with, and undoubtedly a name you are going to want to know as we approach the highly anticipated release of their sophomore record Back to the Valley on November 17. Recorded at BerryTone Sound Recordings in Berryville, VA, and self-produced by Moore and Riley Kerns, Back to the Valley features 10 cohesive tracks that showcase just what Low Water Bridge Band is capable of.

And if their brand new single “Clarke County Clay” is any indication, this is going to be a special one.

Back To The Valley Tracklist:

Sirens Of The Shenandoah
Whiskey Dark
Slow Down
600 Reasons
Hope It’s You
Clarke County Clay
Place On A Hill
Dear Lord
Small Town Affair
She Don’t Answer

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