“Old Town Road” Rapper Lil Nas X Slammed For Dressing As A Bloody Tampon For Halloween

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X


Lil Nas X, the rapper behind the viral “country” song “Old Town Road” alongside Billy Ray Cyrus and Yodel Kid Mason Ramsey, is once again drawing attention online for his latest antics.

If you remember back to 2021, Lil Nas X created quite the uproar when he teamed up with MSCHF to release “Satan Shoes” which were Nike Air Max ‘97’s which each contained a drop of human blood.

The shoes cost $1,018, and there were only 666 pairs made before they sold out in less than a minute. (What the hell is wrong with our society?)

Nike eventually obtained an injunction against MSCHF and Lil Nas, but not before the Satan Shoes had all been shipped amid calls to boycott the shoe company (which actually had nothing to do with the release).

Well apparently Lil Nas X just has a thing for blood, because he’s once again drawing controversy after dressing up for Halloween as…a bloody tampon. (Again, what the hell is wrong with our society?)

The reactions to the bizarre costume ranged from disgusted to confused to outraged:

But it doesn’t seem like Lil Nas X is too bothered by the controversy (probably because the controversy and attention was the point…) as the rapper took to Twitter (or X, or whatever it’s called these days) to defend himself from critics:

I mean, couldn’t he have just stuck with the Little Richard costume? Because this one was actually pretty good.

I wonder how the Yodel Kid feels knowing that his collaborator is out here dressing like a used tampon.

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