Randy Moss Once Got Bill Belichick To Dress Up For A Halloween Party At A Roller Rink… And It’s Almost Too Hard To Believe

Randy Moss and Bill Belichick

If you know NFL football (or I guess even if you don’t), you probably know that New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is one of the most stoic and non-expressive figures in all of sports.

Whether he’s been winning six Super Bowls with Tom Brady, or suffering some of his worst losses of his career this season, he’s always got the same exact look on his face, and the same ripped up, sleeveless hoodie on.

Belichick usually looks something like this (disregard the quote, unless it inspires you):

Does that face look like someone who would dress up for Halloween? I’ll go ahead and answer that for you and say no, it does not look like someone who gets into the “spooky spirit.”

However, as hard as it is to believe, the impassive head coach did, in fact, dress up for Halloween one year, and even attended a team costume party at a skating rink. And it all happened thanks to legendary NFL wide receiver Randy Moss.

Back in 2009, when Moss was suiting up for the Patriots, he went into Belichick’s office to invite him to the team’s Halloween party, saying:

“From a team standpoint, we’re trying to have a Halloween party. So, you ain’t interested in that, are you? Halloween party?”

Bill, slumped down in his office chair, replied:

“Can I come dressed as the devil?”

As the head coach laughed at his own idea, Moss sat up in his chair and said:

“Hey, you might win the damn prize. I’m trying to get us a little DJ, get us a roller rink, and have us a good night. Like I said, you’re more than welcome and what not.”

It didn’t appear that Belichick was all that interested, but much to the surprise of Randy Moss, and the rest of the team, Bill ended up making an appearance. He and his now ex-girlfriend Linda Holliday dressed up as pirates, and absolutely stole the show.

As Moss explained on NFL Countdown:

“The biggest thing for me was just trying to get the significant others and the coaches out into a family gathering.

But when he showed up with his significant other, the music stopped, everybody stopped, like ‘Bill’s here?’ We had a great time.”

Take a look at video below:

Bill rocked that pirate costume, and also looked pretty comfortable out on the roller rink. I doubt he would lace up some skates now at the age of 71, especially with his football team currently at 2 wins and 6 losses.

However, it’s still great to see that even Bill Belichick got into the Halloween spirit, at least at one point, and celebrated one of the most underrated holidays there is.

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