Neighbors Donate Over 10,000 Pumpkins After Rescue Pig Simply Can’t Stop Stealing Their Jack-O-Lanterns

pig eating pumpkin

Happy Halloween to everyone, especially to this rescue pig that loves to grab and smash other people’s fall decorations.

This pig named Carlton has certainly given his owner a lot of trouble during Spooky Season. Amanda, the kind hearted person who rescued the pig, found out that her animal was into pumpkins after she opened her front door and saw him chowing down on a jack-o-lantern…that wasn’t hers.

Carlton was apparently breaking out of any lock and tearing through any leash that was holding him back from hunting down pumpkins in the neighborhood and carrying them back to his place of residence to eat them.

Pigs will eat just about anything, so it’s funny to see that Carlton is very particular about what he likes, and basically took matters into his own hands (or hooves) to track down each and every pumpkin in the neighborhood to claim as his own.

His owner Amanda put out a statement on her neighborhood message board apologizing on behalf of her rescue pig, and it seems like everyone was in the Halloween spirit, because instead of being mad about the situation, neighbors started bringing Carlton more pumpkins.

People from all over started bringing the pumpkin-loving-pig their pumpkins, and eventually, over 10,000 pumpkins were donated to Carlton, which was of course more than he could handle himself (probably not if you asked him though).

So the massive haul of pumpkins was donated to the Central Texas Pig Rescue, and as it turns out, all pigs love pumpkins. Those oinking animals at the rescue were just like Carlton, and couldn’t get enough of the orange fruit (yes, a pumpkin is a fruit).

And in the best part of the story, when Carlton the pig was initially bringing pumpkins he stole back to his home and eating them in the front yard, he inadvertently created a pumpkin patch.

The next year, Amanda noticed plants were popping up in her front yard, and quickly figured out that some of the pumpkin seeds that Carlton pulled out the previous year led to an impressive pumpkin patch. Shoutout to Carlton for being a self-sustaining pig farmer (a pig that’s a farmer).

Take a look:

Could this be the best Halloween story ever?

Someone needs to make this into a children’s book, or a 30-minute Halloween special on network television. Carlton’s story deserves to be shared, and last forever, and many people agreed on social media:

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