Hunter Drops A Massive Drop Tine Buck And Gets It All On Video: “Dad, That Thing Has A Massive Drop Tine”

Hunter downs droptine buck
Michael Sturgill

There’s no other way to put it… hunting is the best. There are very few things in life that put you in a situation where you are providing food for you and you family, aiding in conservation and animal management, practicing skill, knowledge and patience, and making memories with the ones you love.

When you get out there and get in a wild situation that you only could dream of, nothing else matters. These moments in time are incredible, irreplaceable, and often they come with hours of preparation to find good areas holding deer and become proficient in shooting, tracking, and processing. Then hours of time actually hunting as large deer are hard to cross paths with.

This video shows the raw emotion of hunting and the reward that comes with harvesting a beautiful and unique animal. A large white-tailed deer is seen walking out as a father and son sit in a tree.

“He has a drop tine.”

The massive buck walks into their lane. He looks their way and they send one at him.

“Dad that deer has a huge drop tine. He dropped right there where you shot him. You’re not gonna believe the drop tine on this deer”

The pair recall the moments before they saw the deer, giving the animal time before they go track it down. They then go find an absolute trophy of a buck sealing the deal on a one of a kind experience, and a once-in-a-lifetime deer.

You gotta love it.

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