2 Turkeys Refuse To Give Up Chasing Golfers Around On The Course

Turkey chases golfers

As a golfer myself, I’ve had some strange animals encounters on the golf course. From accidentally stepping on a black snake, to nearly getting run over by a deer sprinting out of the woods, and even getting hit square in the shoulder by a rogue golf ball. Hell, I even remember one time a homeless man somehow made his way onto the course and started asking me if I have any cash on me.

However, I can honestly say I’ve never encountered a turkey on the course, and after watching this video, I don’t want any part of it… these son-of-a-guns look mean as all get out.

In this hilarious video, you can see a golfer running for his life as two turkeys chase after him, basically nipping at his heels. One guy takes off onto the green, with one of the turkeys still chasing closely behind. The other guy in the cart floors it in an effort to get away, but the other turkey takes off for him as well.

I mean, this is a nightmare scenario, and yet, absolutely hilarious for our purposes. I love how the dude in the golf cart won’t stop it long enough for his buddy to get in. Whatever happened to no man left behind? Honestly, I’ve never encountered a pissed off turkey before, so I’d have absolutely no clue what to do in this situation. Swing the golf club in the turkey’s direction to try and scare it away maybe? Or would that make the turkey feel even more threatened?

Never a dull moment on the links.

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