Parker McCollum Powers Through Sickness At Country Thunder Florida: “First Time I’ve Ever Thrown Up On Stage”

Parker McCollum country music

A tough night for Parker.

While taking the stage at Country Thunder Florida, Parker McCollum powered through with a gutsy performance two weekends ago in Kissimmee, Florida.

For the first time in his career, he got sick and puked right there on the stage. He walked to the back of the stage, out of the lights and squatted down to relieve himself before returning to the mic to ironically say:

“How we feeling Country Thunder?”

@rekin4forme Sometimes @Country Thunder it’s just a little to much, right @parkermccollum…… yikes! Light weight or actually sick ~ YOU DID AMAZING! #parkermccollum #parkermccollumconcert #parkermccollumtiktok #PARKERMCCULLUMGWTSSICK #countrythunder #countrythunderfl #countrythunder2023 #firsttimesick #tiktokstage #lightweight #festival #musicfesrival ♬ original sound – ♡ Ms Independent ♡

He briefly joked that the upchuck might be alcohol induced, while also confirming that it was indeed the first time he’s lost his lunch on stage, but later in the show, he said he hoped he didn’t get anyone sick:

“One drink, I’m such a lightweight. Oh my god… my name’s Parker McCollum. I’m from Conroe, Texas, and that’s the first time I’ve ever thrown up on stage right there.”

If you can’t laugh at yourself, right? After he hilariously addressed the crowd with that, as he is gearing up for his next song, he is fighting the pain from what just happened.

“Whooo… that taste… that tastes good.” 

Parker pivots quickly, being the professional he is, introducing “Things I Never Told You,” dedicating the song to his mother:

@vannahhh0402 @parkermccollum ♬ original sound – Vannahh🌞💗

Later in the show, while getting up close to a fan to sign a poster they made, he cautioned them:

“I hope you don’t get sick…”

@_ashleyleighann I parker’rd my a$$ all day @Country Thunder for @parkermccollum #parkermccollum #foryou #foryoupage #countrymusic #countryconcert #countrythunder #countrythunderflorida ♬ original sound – Ashley💓

From videos from the rest of the night, it appears that McCollum bucked up knowing he had a crowd to perform for and put on a hell of a show.

“Parker McCollum was a great time even though he got sick, he kept going.”

@thatmom517 #parkermccollum was a greta time even though he got sick he kept going ! ❤️ #countrythunderflorida ♬ original sound – Melissa🤪

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