Flatland Cavalry Announces ‘Wandering Star 2024 Tour’ With Zach Top, Colby Acuff & More

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Flatland Cavalry does not take a break.

While in the midst of their fall tour, with stops left in Texas and Oklahoma through the remainder of 2023, they have just announced a new tour to celebrate their new album, affectionately titled, the Wandering Star 2o24 Tour. 

Featuring help from Zach Top, Colby Acuff, Kaitlin Butts, and The Castellows, this tour features some top-notch talent.

“We are heading out on the Wandering Star Tour in 2024! Join the Humble Folks to get access first to Pre-Sale.  TAG your friends & let us know what show you’re coming to! More dates to be announced!

On Sale Friday at 10 AM – Tickets & Show Info at flatlandcavalry.com”

The tour spans through the summer of 2024, hitting cities from Texas all the way over to New York City and back down the southeast coast.

Right on the heels of their Wandering Star album release, the group has received loads of positive feedback from fans, and it’s pretty guaranteed this is not a tour you’ll want to miss out on.

Tour Dates

November 10, 2023 /// Norman, OK
November 11, 2023 /// Mission, TX
December 15, 2023 /// Fort Worth, TX
December 16, 2023 /// Fort Worth, TX
January 27, 2024 /// Rosemont, IL
Febuary 1, 2024 /// Milwaukee, WI
Febuary 2, 2024 /// Minneapolis, MN
Febuary 3, 2024 /// Waukee, IA
February 7, 2024 /// Athens, GA
February 8, 2024 /// Athens, GA
Febuary 9, 2024 /// Knoxville, TN
February 10, 2024 /// Nashville, TN
February 15, 2024 /// New York, NY
Febuary 16, 2024 ///Boston, MA
Febuary 17, 2024 /// Silver Spring, MD
Febuary 22, 2024 /// Baton Rouge, LA
Febuary 23, 2024 /// Birmingham, AL
Febuary 24, 2024 /// Atlanta, GA
March 3, 2024 /// Madison WI
March 8, 2024 /// St. Louis, MO
March 14, 2024 /// Winston-Salem, NC
March 15, 2024 /// Charlotte, NC
March 16, 2024 /// Greenville, SC
March 23, 2024 /// Midland, TX
April 1-5, 2024 /// Miami, FL
April 18, 2024 /// Columbia, SC
April 19, 2024 /// Raleigh, NC
April 27, 2024 /// Fayetteville, AR
May 5, 2024 /// Houston, TX
July 20, 2024 /// Cullman, AL

Flatland Cavalry Does It Again With Masterful Fourth Studio Album ‘Wandering Star’

Flatland Cavalry does not miss, and their fourth studio album is no exception. Wandering Star marks the first project with their new label, Interscope Records, and Flatland worked with Dwight A. Baker on the album’s production.

With previously released singles “Last American Summer,” “Oughta See You (The Way I D0),” along with their most recent release featuring Kaitlin Butts, “Mornings With You,” this project highlights the dynamic sound of Flatland.

Reflecting on the finished album, frontman Cleto Cordero shares:

“Historically, all our albums have been named after a lyric that seems to most encapsulate the spirit and ethos of the project. Late one evening from my office in Nashville came the inspiration to name this record.

My wife, who is from Oklahoma, acquired a piece of embroidered folk art which hangs on the wall of my office of a native man posed with Eagle wings. The art piece is untitled, but I imagined the subject being named ‘Dancing Eagle.’

Then I imagined ‘what would be my name if it were given to me in the same spirit?’… and the two words ‘Wandering Star’ floated to the surface; which happens to be a lyric in “Spinnin’.”

Naming our fourth LP Wandering Star felt right as we have been wandering around all of creation the last ten years, truth-seeking and dream-chasing; aiming for the moon and at last it seems we’ve found ourselves finally floating amongst the stars.”

Across the thirteen tracks, listeners hear the group tell stories highlighting the highs, lows, and simple pleasures of life intertwined with catchy melodies intertwined with Texas and red dirt roots. The intentionality behind each song shines bright, highlighting the magic that is Flatland Cavalry.

This is an album that needs to be listened to front to back and then back to front again. Turn this all the way up.

Check out some early favorites.

“The Provider”


“Burned Out Flame”

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