Chargers WR Keenan Allen Gives Post-Game Comments In “Jason” Hockey Mask

Keenan Allen Chargers

The only thing scarier than Keenan Allen in a Friday the 13th mask is Keenan Allen in pads and a football helmet.

Los Angeles Chargers superstar wide receiver Keenan Allen was certainly in the Halloween spirit following his team’s 30 to 13 victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football. It’s pretty normal for football players and other professional athletes to dress up for game days, but when it comes time to dress up for Halloween, they take it to a whole other level.

Yesterday we saw Browns defensive star Miles Garrett really set the tone with this Creeper costume from Jeepers Creepers:

I simply cannot imagine seeing that big of a human being walking around in a costume like that. Even knowing it’s Miles Garrett, I’d still be pretty scared to be around him dressed like that.

And he wasn’t the only one in the NFL that dressed up for spooky season yesterday. Another person that channeled their inner trick-or-treater was Keenan Allen, and he loved his costume so much that he even put it back on after the game.

Following their win, the media was in the locker room asking questions, and one reporter walked up to Allen (who was dressed up as Jason Voorhees, mask and all) to ask him a couple of questions.

He first asked how he thought the Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert played, to which Allen responded:

“Yeah, great game. 31 for 40, that’s just great in itself, 300 yards with a victory.” 

The reporter then quickly shifted the attention to Allen, and asked him how he would grade his own performance on Sunday Night Football. Allen stated:

“I was solid. 8 (catches) for 69 (yards), I’ll take it.”

At no point did the costume come up in the questioning, and it is absolutely hilarious to see the star wide receiver answer the questions seriously as he’s dressed up as Jason and speaking through the iconic hockey mask.

Take a look:

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