Matthew Stafford’s Wife, Kelly, Calls Out Rapper Blueface For Bringing Strippers To Rams Game: “Supposed To Be A Family Experience”

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Another unexpected mark on the 2023 bingo card: Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, getting into a war of words with rapper Blueface.

To be completely honest with you, I know absolutely nothing about Blueface. As far as I know, I’ve never heard a single song by him and do not plan to, I’ll stick with country.

Apparently he was at the Steelers vs Rams game last week and decided to pop the big question to his girlfriend while they were in a suite, which at surface level seems to be a cool thing to do.

Buy out a suite to take in a game and get engaged? Sounds like a heck of a Sunday to me. But apparently it wasn’t that innocent.

In fact, it wasn’t really innocent at all.

Blueface brought a number of “exotic dancers” with them and the dancers did what they did best, turning the suite into strip club-like atmosphere.

Proposing while a bunch of stippers dance around you, I mean if that’s not romantic I don’t know what is…

As you might expect, there were plenty of people who were less than happy this was happening while fans and their kids were just trying to watch the game, and one of the most outspoken critics of the behavior was Kelly Stafford, the wife of Ram’s QB Matthew Stafford.

According to the LA Times, she said the following about the incident on her podcast The Morning After. 

“This is our game-day experience… What I am so mad about is this is supposed to be a family experience, coming to a football game. There were children in the suites next to them. … If you have that kind of stuff happening at games, adults are not gonna want to bring their kids. 

My nephews, who are older, have Instagram. They were at the game, and they were like, ‘Oh, my gosh. Look what’s going on here.’ They found it and my daughters are sitting right next to them. They were like, ‘Mommy, there’s a lot of butts here.’ I go, ‘Butts? What are you talking about?’ And then I got sent it and I was like, ‘Oh!’

So my daughters saw that. Not OK! And not OK that my nephews saw it either… 

It’s just a little disappointing. It makes me not want to take my kids to the game, ‘cause I’m like, ‘What’s gonna happen next?”

Well, Blueface got word of this and unleashed a number of Tweets firing back at her.

“Somebody tell Mathew stafford wife I been in LA longer then her an Matt I run this program yall just here to work an make a living when y’all retire an go back to yo nice life I’ll still be here in LA at the rams games I don’t care how you feel about it I did not get kicked out no game stayed the entire time ain’t nobody tell me none”

“I’ll be at the next game if I want to in the suite having my way as usual”

“Matt get your wife bro before I get disrespectful”

“Cuz I could talk about how y’all lost the game an what Matt could have done better as a QB that’s what his wife needs to be talking about my antics ain’t lose us the game”

Can’t say I’m not on Kelly Stafford’s side here.

I get that it’s LA and that there’s going to be things you don’t want your kids seeing anytime thousands of people are drinking in one area, but still, this goes far and beyond what you can reasonably say is okay. The Rams organization even made a statement saying they don’t condone the behavior and didn’t give permission for it to occur but it’s still up in the air if there will be any actual punishment for the behavior.

You just never know what internet beef’s are going to pop up these days…

You can listen to Kelly’s podcast on Apple Podcasts but below is a clip of the podcast that Blueface posted on Twitter to respond to.


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