“What A Funky Interception!” – Announcer Goes Nuts After West Virginia INT And It Sure Sounds Profane

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Oh my. You can’t convince me that I didn’t hear what I think I just heard from FS1 announcer Eric Collins. Sure, what he allegedly said did make sense in the context of how bizarre West Virginia’s interception was, but I really don’t know.

You be the judge. Beanie Bishop picks off UCF quarterback John Rhys Plumlee — who, by the way, as of this writing, has three incompletions on 19 attempts and all of them are INTs — and Collins is on the call. Dripping with enthusiasm. Swept up in the moment. Aaaaaand…


Is that really what you heard? Be honest. That is absolutely not what my eardrums picked up. I was yell laughing at this immediately. Like there’s no way. I feel like there’s a HARD “-ing” suffix on the end of that thing.

Should’ve known Collins would go full nuclear and launch an F-bomb in getting caught up in the moment like this. I covered a call of Collins’ last year that was nothing short of phenomenal. I’ll never forget it as long as I live. Kansas running back Daniel Hishaw rumbles for a crazy touchdown. Take it away, Mr. Collins!


That abrupt transition to six octaves higher in vocal pitch still baffles me to this day. Collins went from zero to 150 in a fraction of a second. Masterful.

…As for today, OK fine. I’ll relent. He obviously wasn’t about to put his career on the line with such a boneheaded mistake as saying “f*ck” for much of America to hear.

Wow. I’m going down a bit of a rabbit hole here. Eric Collins’ electricity could power the entire country. Protect this man at all costs. Let him drop F-bombs. Who cares? Go off, sir, if you’re going to consistently deliver calls like these!

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