Colby Acuff Delivers Top-Notch Acoustic Version Of “Cherokee Rose”

Colby Acuff
Colby Acuff

One of my favorite Colby Acuff tracks.

Since the release of Western White Pines (Deluxe), “Cherokee Rose” has quickly jumped to the top of my list of Colby Acuff tracks. The heartbreaking songwriting about losing someone you love and taking their favorite flower to visit their grave chokes me up every time.

The tale talks about how an older man and the narrator crossed paths and how the man left flowers for his wife, who passed. From their time together, the older man taught the young man so much about love that when he passed, the narrator would visit the grave, leaving Cherokee roses for him. A circle of life story that highlights the feelings of love and loss through a beautiful metaphor.

Acuff strips back the already acoustic track even more during a killer session, highlighting the profound songwriting and incredible vocals from Acuff.

“I met him through the fireflies, he was a kind-hearted man
And I asked about the bouquet as I went to shake his hand
He told me about his late wife and the flowers that she grew
And how springtime was her favorite
‘Cause that’s when everything would bloom

He said at night I go pickin’ a Cherokee rose
I’ll lay ’em on her headstone
‘Cause she loved them the most
No matter how many I have won’t bring her back I suppose
But it makes me feel close
To my Cherokee Rose”

If the original made me choke up, y’all can only imagine the puddle I am listening to this acoustic track. This acoustic version is a must watch.

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