Colby Acuff Releases ‘Western White Pines (Deluxe)’

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Colby Acuff

Colby Acuff’s Western White Pines (Deluxe) version is here, adding six new songs to his major label debut project.

As if the 10-track version released earlier this summer that featured “Western White Pines” and “Boy and a Bird Dog” wasn’t enough, Acuff has completed the record with the release of six more tracks. And while I’m not typically a fan of the deluxe album concept, I have to admit, these new tunes are incredible, and when thrown in the mix with the existing songs on the record, they make Acuff’s record even stronger.

Acuff began releasing music for Western White Pines with the title track in February of this year, and proceeded to release two more singles before the album dropped in June. While his most popular song to date “If I Were the Devil” was released in 2021, it feels like Acuff really began to hit his stride this year with a rapidly growing fan base, the anticipation of the new album, and a brand new record deal with Sony Music Nashville.

With plenty of momentum behind his music, Acuff dropped the record at the perfect time.

Not to mention the shows, both headlining and opening, were seeming to get bigger and bigger as the spring went on, too. With the hype that Western White Pines garnered around Acuff’s name, he had an even bigger summer on the road, playing new markets across the country and gaining even more fans. With the busy summer touring schedule behind him, and before he embarks on a fall that features plenty more shows, his Western White Pines (Deluxe) project comes at the perfect time as well, perhaps reaching an even larger fanbase than the original album did in June.

Acuff brought the heat with the new music, too. All six of the songs fit seamlessly within the albums ethos, not forgoing any sense of cohesiveness or disrupting the character of the project. In my opinion, “Cherokee Rose,” is the best song on the album, and perhaps even the best in his catalog.

Check out the full tracklist below, and give the new ones a listen. Colby Acuff is going to be a superstar in this genre.

Western White Pines (Deluxe)

“Western White Pines”
“One Day at a Time”
“Playing God Again”
“Outlaw in Me”
“Boy and a Bird Dog”
“Better Man”
“Hard Livin’ Life”
“Welcome to Tom’s”
“All I Got”
“Rollin’ With the Wind”

“Through My Windowpane”


“Ain’t No Time To Die”

“Livin’ Too Close To The Dream”

“Cherokee Rose”

“I met him through the fireflies, he was a kind-hearted man
And I asked about the bouquet as I went to shake his hand
He told me about his late wife and the flowers that she grew
And how springtime was her favorite
‘Cause that’s when everything would bloom

He said at night I go pickin’ a Cherokee rose
I’ll lay ’em on her headstone ’cause she loved them the most
No matter how many I have won’t bring her back, I suppose
But it makes me feel close
To my Cherokee Rose…”

“River Runs Through it”

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