Clay Travis Offers A Million Dollars To The WNBA Champions If They Can Beat A High School Boys Championship Team

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Well, that’s putting his money where his mouth is.

Clay Travis, the radio host and founder of OutKick, ruffled some feathers recently with his takes on the WNBA:

“A good, state championship-level boys high school team would absolutely smoke the WNBA champions. Give me a team from California, New York, Texas or Florida, I would bet my entire savings in the bank that the boys high school team would beat the WNBA team.

Some states don’t have that big of a population, so the state championship basketball team might not be very good there. But for the 25 largest states in America, every single one of those states has a state champion boys basketball team that would obliterate the WNBA champion in a game.”

He also claimed that most people would rather have $5 in cash than the WNBA team in their city win a championship:

“That’s because the WNBA doesn’t have fans…

Women don’t care. You know who actually go watch the WNBA? Men.

Men are WNBA fans. And there aren’t very many of them. But that’s who actually goes and watches.”

Well Clay’s comments got the attention of Chelsea Gray, a WNBA player for the 2023 champion Las Vegas Aces, who called him a “dumbass” for his take.

Travis then decided to up the ante and put his money where his mouth is, offering $1 million to the 2024 WNBA championship team if they can beat a high school champion boys basketball team of his choosing:

He also claimed that it would probably be the “most watched WNBA game of all time.”

I have a feeling the WNBA champs aren’t going to take him up on the offer.

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