This Halloween Light Show Set To Eric Church’s “Creepin'” Is One Of The Best You’ll Ever See

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YouTube/Steve Jandick

It’s almost Halloween.

Everybody has their own feelings on the holiday. Kids love it because they get a ton of candy, some parents like it because they walk around with a tumbler full of definitely not water as they take their kids trick-or-treating, and for some people it just means the official start of the holiday season when November finally rolls around.

But for people in the suburbs, it means going absolutely crazy with their Halloween decorations.

A fan favorite comes to us from Naperville, Illinois, a Chicago-area suburb, where this homeowner set his light show to Eric Church‘s “Creepin’” – and we’re talking about a word class setup here.

From Church’s 2011 album Chief, “Creepin'” has become a fan-favorite and a staple of his live shows, despite peaking just inside the top 10 at country radio.

But it seems like this is what the song was meant for all along…

I mean, if you’re gonna get crazy with the Halloween decorations, good luck topping this.

This dude just won Halloween.

And while we’re at it:

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A beer bottle on a dock