Joshua Ray Walker Takes You To The Honky Tonk On Hilariously-Titled Live Album ‘I Opened For The Killers And All I Got Was Appendicitis’

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Joshua Ray Walker

Dust off your boots, Joshua Ray Walker is taking you to the honky tonk.

I am a sucker for a live album, and this one is top-notch. The album title tells the funny (for fans, not for Walker) story about what happened when he opened for the famed rock band The Killers:

“We opened for The Killers!

Then, I went to the hospital! They found I had a perforated appendix and thought the best course of action was fluids, antibiotics, and time. I was released from the hospital yesterday, and I’m making plans to get back home.”

Appropriately naming the album from that taping, I Opened For The Killers And All I Got Was Appendicitis:

“Playing with The Killers was one of the most exciting opportunities we’ve ever been given, and I wasn’t going to let excruciating abdominal pain stop me from experiencing it. Unfortunately, it’s best to listen to your body and I ended staying in a Reno hospital for five days after the show.

On the bright side someone thought to record the set, so I have the most painful moment of my life to listen back to whenever I want! Is it the best show we’ve ever played? No. But even though it probably wasn’t the best choice, I’m proud we pulled it off, so much so I want y’all to hear it. The difficult shows always end up being my favorite in time. I hope you enjoy!”

While listening to this album, one would never think that Walker was suffering in the pain detailed in the Instagram caption. The seven-track album is filled with Walker’s twang honky tonk rockin’ tracks, including the famed ditty “Sexy After Dark.”

With Walker’s smooth twangs and killer live band filled with HEAVY steel guitar, you’re sure to be boot-scootin’ in no time.

Check it out; it’s what Joshua Ray Walker’s appendix would have wanted…


“Sexy After Dark”

“Play You A Song” 

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