Ashland Craft Reflects On Sippin’ “Tequila From A Coffee Cup” And Staying Up Too Late In New Single, “Night Owl”

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Ashland Craft

Ashland Craft doesn’t miss.

She released a brand new single today called “Night Owl,” which finds her reflecting on some of her habits and how she comes alive in the thick of the night.

I love the opening lyrics, where she nots that her wake-up call comes every evening when the sun goes down, a she sips “tequila from a coffee cup”:

“Sun’s going down, I’m just waking up
Sipping on tequila from a coffee cup
When the red light’s blinking
It’s just the moon, my thinking and me
Getting dressed up just to go nowhere
Set my back porch bar and my smoking chair
When I’m getting good and wide awake
That’s when I like a dream”

Of course, her twangy, gritty vocals sound perfect, and she elaborated a little bit on the inspiration of the song in a post on Instagram.

Ashland noted that she’s always been a “stay up way too late” kind of person, and though there’s no real reason as to why, she feels the most creative and authentically herself late at night:

“I couldn’t tell you why, but I’ve always been a ‘stay up way too late’ kind of person. It’s never been by choice (or sensical by any means) but it’s those moments when I seem to be able to break the creative road block, and also have the most honest conversations with myself about life.

It’s in those quiet times where I feel like I can take a deep breath and try to work out what’s on my brain at the time. I know I’m not the only one who might function like this on the regular, but sometimes it does feel backwards from a lot of society.

My hope for this song is to simply spread a message of trusting and believing in yourself, even when you may feel lost, directionless or alone at times. Your heart will lead you where you need to go.

Thank y’all for your support thus far and I really hope you enjoy this brand new one.”

I love the unique concept she addresses here, and I think there’s many people who can relate to this subject matter, though I’m not sure the people who need to here it are even up yet…

I really hope this is the beginning of more to come from the South Carolina native, who released her fantastic debut album Travelin’ Kind in 2021, because this is another really strong single and I need more…

Check it out:

“Night Owl”

Ashland also released a beautiful song called “Danced With the Devil” back in March:

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A beer bottle on a dock