Boat Explodes Out Of Nowhere While Idling At A Dock: “JESUS CHRIST”

Boat explodes

Not much to say here other than these guys are insanely lucky…

For as much fun as boats are, there’s always a bit of danger that you accept when getting on a gas powered craft floating on the water.

I’m far, far from a boating expert, in fact my biggest experience is renting one in Florida and driving it to Beer Can Island to get hammered in the sun, but videos like this make me count my lucky stars that nothing went wrong during those day trips.

We don’t have many (or any) details on where this was or what caused the explosion, but two guys were working on a boat that was idling next to a dock while a third man stood by.

All appeared to be calm, although the engine seemed to be sputtering a bit, when out of nowhere a violent blast goes off right under where the men are standing. The boat’s top was blown clear off and everything was thrown into the air, leaving the men in complete shock.

You can hear one of them start yelling as they’re getting off the boat

“Jesus Christ. JESUS CHRIST”

The pure panic in his voice proved just how close of an encounter this was.

According to some comments, this happened because they didn’t turn the blowers on to remove fumes from the bilge/hull, and I will accept that as an answer since I have no idea what the heck I’m talking about. A number of people seemed to agree so I’m going take it as true.

Those guys better be thanking their lucky stars every day to still be around, because that’s about as close to death as you can get without seeing the other side…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock