Sea Lion Turns The Tables & Absolutely Ragdolls A Blue Shark

Sea Lion

The tables have turned.

Sharks are a fierce and frightening species. The power they have and the things they can do in their unique environments never ceases to amaze. Sea lions are pretty incredible themselves, and much larger than you would think, reaching weights of 850 pounds. The Steller sea lion, the largest of the eared seals family, can reach weights over 1 ton.

Like almost every large creature in the ocean, they are carnivores. It’s an eat or be eaten world out there and sea lions are good at eating. They can consume up to 40 pounds of food in a day. They are able to get that much food through hunting, and they are good at it, using their speeds of 30 miles an hour and their sharp teeth to latch onto their prey.

Sharks are one of sea lions largest predators, being one of the things that is larger and more violent than them. Blue sharks are known to prey on sea lions when they have the chance. And they are often large enough to do so.

But this sea lion had other plans.

He is seen grabbing onto a blue shark and just rag-dolling it in the open ocean. The sea lion flicks its head out of the water and the shark whips fully out before the sea lion rips into its flesh. You can see blood pour from the shark who is usually on the other end of the bleeding.

The ocean is a savage place.

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