Florida Man Harasses Alligator Until It’s Time To Pay The Price

Florida man bit by alligator

You can’t fix stupid and you can’t teach common sense, and as most people in Florida know, alligators are nothing to play around with. They are literally dinosaurs from a different time period, and they have the ferocity to match that. These old prehistoric beasts are straight up savages.

They are super adaptable and able to survive through hard times. They have a very forgiving diet and are known to eat just about anything, which has been proven time and time again when hunters cut one open and find everything from dog collars to metal, and sometimes even human bones.

They are good hunters, often lurking around in the water with just their eyes poking out. When they get within range, they use their speed to close the distance. In water, using their muscular tail to propel them they can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour. Despite their short legs, these creatures can run up to 35 miles per hour on land. If gators close the distance, you just best hope they don’t get their bite in. Alligators have one of the strongest bite forces in the world, reaching 2,000 pounds per square inch.

So, why in the world would any random fella think it was a good idea to mess with one of these beasts? Drugs…

This vide just screams “meth” to me, but whatever his substance of choice, ol’ boy is out of his gourd and got just what he was asking for when he decided to play gator king on the side of the road. He is seen poking and bugging an alligator sitting on the side of the road, and while it’s not a massive one, it has more than enough teeth to do some serious damage.

Amid taunting this poor gator, he even put his arm right in the gators mouth at one point. Lucky for him (for now), the gator lets him off, surely wondering how stupid this man can be. But the man doesn’t stop, and the gator has had enough. In a flash, the gator jumps and snaps and has the man’s leg right in his mouth, violently thrashing about, and you already know, the man is in some pain. I don’t care how much meth you do, an alligator bite is gonna hurt.

It’s hard to feel bad for someone harassing wildlife, and the unfortunate reality is that wildlife officials may now try and capture the “violent and dangerous” gator.

Nevertheless, the comments on the video were downright hilarious:

“That meth had him feeling invincible.”

“On today’s episode of f*ck around and find out…”

“This guy eats meth cereal every morning but when you grow up around these animals you do go through thinking that you can take one.”

“This dude got stoned and watched 8 seasons of swamp people and thought he was a legit.”

“Florida man must’ve had meth and moonshine for breakfast again.”

“Gator don’t play that sh*t.”

Florida… what a magical place.

Florida Man should watch this valuable explanation of the FAFO graph while he’s laid up in the hospital with a mangled leg…

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