Watch A Bearded Tyler Childers Perform “In Your Love” Way Back In 2016

Tyler Childers
Dillon Weldon

Timmy T kept this one SEALED in the vault for years.

Tyler Childers has a number of songs that he has kept unreleased that fans have begged for over the years… but this one was not on the list because it kept it so guarded.

We all know and love the dozen and dozens the unreleased gems that Tyler has performed over the years. We’re talking songs like “Messed Up Kid,” “Honest Work,” and so many more. The fact that this video surfaced after the release of “In Your Love” and that footage of this song prior to the release is rare and impressive.

Back in 2016, bearded Tyler Childers performed this song acoustically in front of a small crowd. When Childers first performed the song at Bonnaroo, many fans (including myself) thought it was the first time the sweet love song saw the light of day. However, the man behind the camera in 2016 pulled out his phone to record… capturing an unreleased song that would years later resonate with many.

The video of this unreleased song at the time was not uploaded till June of this year (i.e., four months ago June), showing that Childers has been stewing on this one for quite some time. While I am sure Childers spent the years between this video and “In Your Love’s” release working out the track and fine-tuning the lyrics so perfectly captured the message he wanted to share, it shows the talent this man has always carried for songwriting.

It also shows that Childers will perhaps eventually give us more these unreleased tracks, but on his timeline…making sure each has its own moment. The real question is, how many years before this video was taken did Tyler Childers begin writing “In Your Love?”

Side note: for those folks who have been dying on the hill that Tyler Childers post-Purgatory isn’t good… this was written around Purgatory time. I’ll get off my soap box now…


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