S.G. Goodman Told Tyler Childers She Would Rather Have Dolly Parton Cover Her Song “Space And Time” Than Him

Tyler Childers SG Goodman
Grand Ole Opry

Many artists out there today would kill to have Tyler Childers cover one of their songs.

But when Childers asked S.G. Goodman about covering her song “Space And Time,” apparently she had somebody different in mind.

Childers met fellow Kentucky native Goodman through his wife, Senora May. And once he began digging into her music, he discovered “Space And Time,” a song that Tyler decided he wanted to cover himself.

So he wrote to Goodman asking for her blessing to cover the song – but she had different plans for it.

“He wrote me to ask if he could start covering ‘Space And Time.’

And I told him that I was real honored, and that’d be fine with me, but I really wanted Dolly Parton to cover that song, and I’d rather her do it if he knew her people.

Anyway, Tyler’s covering the song. Really honored, Dolly and Tyler are both from the mountains and that’s good enough for me.”

Tyler recalls getting Goodman’s blessing to cover the song:

“She said that she’d always hoped that Dolly Parton would sing it, but in the right set of high heels I’d do alright.”

Well once Tyler got the green light, he began adding the cover to his shows. And he even included his cover of the song on his latest album, Rustin’ In the Rain.

Tyler and S.G. Goodman got to sing the song together onstage for the first time last month, when Goodman made her Grand Ole Opry debut.

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Sure, it’s not Dolly, but I’d say SG Goodman is just fine with having a fellow Kentuckian like Tyler Childers covering her song and getting it out into the world.

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