Golfer Plunks Big Ole’ Sea Bird With Direct-Hit Tee Shot Towards Island Green In Mexico

Golfer hits seagull
Macho Grande

In golf, the scoring of birdies and/or eagles are often elusive, but hitting a bird is even more rare.

I’ve played golf all of my life, and I do not really know what the ruling would be on this one. If your ball were to strike an overhanging power line, you have to re-hit, but if you were to nail a flying bird with your shot, I believe you have to “play it as it lies.”

This golfer was playing at the beautiful Pacifico course in Punta Mita, Mexico and was taking in the picturesque ocean side course when he extinguished the life of a bird flying overhead.

As he was about to tee off on an optional hole that is considered “3B” on the course, which features an island green out in the middle of the ocean, a video was being taken in order to remember the moment.

And the moment became even more memorable, because right after he asked the person videoing if they were ready, he swung the club back and through, and absolutely smoked a large seagull (or some other type of seabird) that was flying just in front of the tee box.

When you watch the video, you’ll notice the bird off in the distance slowly fly towards the golfer, and you can’t help but assume that the worst thing possible is about to happen. If I were the person with the camera, I might have even said “hey, let’s wait for this seagull to pass by.”

Instead, the golfer swings at the perfect (or I guess imperfect?) time, and his ball flies up into the air, then quickly falls back down to the Earth, along with the bird that was brutally struck by the dimpled projectile.

And here’s the kicker: somehow the bird LIVED. At least that is what we are led to believe, considering that the caption of the video lays out the story and states that the bird was rescued and miraculously survived:

“While playing the famous ‘optional’ hole 3B nicknamed ‘Tail of the Whale’ (Par 3), the ‘world’s largest natural island hole,’ THIS happened.

A large bird (still don’t know what type) flew right at me while I was swinging and I unfortunately hit it with my golf shot!

It was hurt and probably with a broken wing, (so I) alerted the authorities, who rescued it and have nursed it back to health…phew. But what are the chances?”

The chances have to be equivalent to the chances of hitting a hole-in-one. Even though the guy didn’t hit the green on this remarkably unique hole, he does have a pretty funny golf story to tell all of his buddies, and he has the video to prove it.

Check it out:

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