Andy Reid Is All For Taylor Swift Attending Games As Travis Kelce Plays The Best Football Of His Career

Andy Reid
Kansas City Chiefs

Now before you check out because this is another “Taylor Swift themed NFL article,” hear me out first…

As weird as this might sound, Taylor Swift might be the Kansas City Chiefs’ most valuable player. In every game that the pop star has been in attendance to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce and his team, the Chiefs have gone 4 and 0.

So naturally, it might make sense for the Chiefs to want Swift in the stadium for their games. If they are superstitious, they might lean into the idea that the former country music singer might be their good luck charm.

If you doubt that her presence is helping the team, that’s okay, but it definitely seems to be helping Travis Kelce. It seems as though the 34-year-old tight end is playing some of the best football of his career, and the stats definitely support that Swift is having a positive impact on Kelce.

CBS ran this graphic during the game this past weekend, comparing how he plays when he’s “left to his own devices” versus when his celebrity girlfriend is in attendance:

The man is playing like he’s trying to show out in front of a girl he has a crush on at recess…

Though some might say that the Chiefs’ influx of attention and viewership could be a distraction, the entire subplot to their season actually seems to be helping. Even the Kansas City Head Coach Andy Reid (who has been in some phenomenal commercials as of late) is on board with the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift relationship.

Reid stated in a press conference after the Chiefs win this past Sunday that their star tight end was aging like fine win, and had a pretty good idea as to why he has been playing well as of late:

“Patrick Mahomes obviously had a big day with 400 yards (passing). Kelce keeps getting better with time, and Taylor (Swift) can stay around all she wants.”

So to all of those football fans who are saying “I don’t want Taylor Swift as a part of my Sundays,” it looks like you are going to have to get used to it.

I’m afraid they’re really in love, and Andy Reid will probably do everything in his power to keep her around considering his team’s great playing as of late.

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