Florida Golf Course Owned By Michael Jordan Has Beer Delivery By Drone & The Future Is Officially Here

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Finally, the perfect use for drones.

Much like artificial intelligence, it feels like drones just came out of nowhere. I know the technology has been tinkered with for years, but to regular people out in the world, it feels like there weren’t drones, and then all of the sudden there were.

Originally I wasn’t sure how I felt about the flying technological invention, though I am coming around on them as of late.

I’ve seen videos of tremendous “drone shows” that could easily take the place of firework displays, and I’ve also seen where some pizza places are testing out delivering pies through the sky.

All of those things are great, but I’d venture to say that this video below showcases the best way a drone can be utilized. This might even be why drones were invented in the first place.

A golf course in Florida called The Grove XXIII, which is owned by Michael Jordan, has quite literally changed the game, and I’m not saying that lightly.

The golf course has traded out the “beverage cart” for a “beverage drone,” which allows for players out on the course to order things from the clubhouse and have them quickly flown out and delivered to wherever they are.

Some might be upset that the beverage cart is replaced by the drone, but that’s the world of inventions and technology. You’ve probably heard the phrase “innovate or die,” and that’s exactly what The Grove XXIII is doing.

And leave it to NBA legend Michael Jordan to be the mind behind this innovation. He’s one of the best competitors the world has ever seen, and that drive has carried over into his post-basketball business life.

Along with drone beer and food deliveries, the golf course also boasts golf carts that reach speeds of 35 miles per hour, which is arguably a little too fast (especially if you’ve thrown back a couple of drone beers).

However, it sounds like MJ asked himself “what would I want if I was playing golf” when he designed the amenities of his course, and then followed through on all of his wishes because, you know, he’s got millions upon millions of dollars.

I’ll definitely have to put The Grove XXIII on my golfing bucket list, only so I can three putt for a triple bogey and then have my mood boosted by a care package of drone brewskis.

Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock