Big Buck Swims Through A Spread Of Goose Decoys Right In Front Of Hunters

Deer swimming

Wrong place, right time.

The thrill of the hunt is something you always hear about, but what would this be called? Seeing a big buck while you are goose hunting would probably be better described as the “oh come on, really” of the hunt.

Deer hunting and duck/goose hunting offer two distinctly different experiences. One of them features a lot of waiting and hoping that a deer comes your way, while the other is a little more fast-paced and requires the ability to call in ducks/geese.

So when the two crossover into one another, it definitely creates an interesting situation, as these hunters found out. An impressive spread of geese decoys were floating out on the water, and though it didn’t look like it was attracting any birds, it did manage to bring draw in a big buck.

The video first only shows the geese decoys, then pans over to show what is at least an eight point buck. If you were in a tree stand and saw that deer come by, you’d definitely be readying for a shot.

If you are sitting on the banks of the water while waterfowl hunting however, seeing a deer swim by isn’t exactly what you were hoping for. It’s honestly a hilarious visual, and one that the duck hunters will probably remember and talk about for the rest of their lives.

I’d also have to think that the deer is pretty confused as it swims by the geese and they don’t move an inch. Maybe it’s too preoccupied with the swimming to think too much of the lifeless geese…

And shoutout to whoever posted the video originally for overlaying Johnny Cash’s “Five Feet High and Rising” into the video. The deep cut has to be the perfect song choice for the buck as it’s treading water.

Check it out:

Absolutely hilarious…

If you are like me, the Johnny Cash song playing in the video  quickly got stuck in your head. So I did everyone a favor and went ahead and linked “Five Feet High and Rising” below, and now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to the song again without thinking of the big buck crashing the goose hunt.

Take a listen:

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