What’s Whiskey Myers Frontman Cody Cannon’s Party Trick? He Can Move Objects With His Mind

Whiskey Myers country music
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One of country music’s many mysterious artists.

While some artists in the industry highlight their lives on a big screen for fans to enjoy, others like to take a back seat and let their music be what people see, keeping their personal lives private.

Cody Cannon, frontman for Whiskey Myers, is one of those artists.

While his electric stage presence gives off the impression that he is beyond outgoing, Cannon is truly a private person. As other members of Whiskey Myers often take the frontward-facing media roles, speaking during interviews, we asked Cannon if that was intentional during our time chatting with him at the Rebels & Renegades Festival:

“Absolutely, it’s on purpose that you don’t know much about me. 

Yeah, I’m a private person. I don’t really like people that much…don’t really like the attention that much. I picked a pretty weird career to be in. I just live back in the woods, you know…yeah, so I’m pretty private.”

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As a boy from East Texas, you can’t blame him for wanting to keep parts of his life private. It’s hard enough putting yourself on a stage to deliver high-energy performances and being on the road for as long as they are.

While we do know a few things about Cannon, like he and his wife welcomed a baby into the world in 2021, and he loves the outdoors, often making fishing lures on his time off, we asked if there was anything else he’d want fans to know about him.

His answer…maybe one of the best party tricks of all time.

“That I want people to know about me that might not be out there…”

He ponders for a second.

“I can move objects with my mind….for real…I’ve been practicing. 

I can show y’all later.” 

While we didn’t get to see the party trick because the band needed to gear up to hit the stage, I hope we get to witness it one day.

Now, was Cannon pulling our leg like they often do with the origin story of the band’s name, Whiskey Myers? Frankly, I don’t care if he was because it’s an incredible answer.

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Sounds like some Stranger Things sh*t.

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