From Male Strippers To Fighting Roosters In Mexico, The Tall Tale Of How Whiskey Myers Got Their Name

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Margaret Pattillo

The legend of how Whiskey Myers got their name lives on…

If you are a true fan of the band, you know that the boys of Whiskey Myers have vowed never to speak of how they got their name, and over the years, tales have developed, and stories have gotten wilder and wilder.

However, after all these years, you can’t help but wonder if the group will one day break their silence, revealing the origin story of their name.

Leading us to today’s video…

The Whiskey Riff team had a chance to speak with Cody Cannon, frontman and guitarist for the group, about their music, their upcoming acoustic tour, and, of course, we had to slide in the question of how they got their name.

Cody Cannon did not disappoint when it came to his answer.

Now, before watching the answer that we got, you have to check out their “Get To Know You” video from 2015, where each band member gave their version of how Whiskey Myers came about:

Eight years since that video was taken, some threads have remained the same, but we got a little more flair in our answer from Cannon.

“It’s from a fighting rooster. We used to be male strippers in Mexico, and we didn’t make very much money because we didn’t look good enough, so we had to start fighting chickens.

That was the name of the two chickens… the best roosters. We had two… they were badass.”

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Over the years, answers have gotten wilder and wilder, and while going from male strippers to fighting roosters is an unlikely jump, you can see from Cannon’s grin and our laughs that the stories never fail to disappoint.

While fighting roosters has been a common thread over the years in Cannon’s answers, other stories say that the name came from a local town drunk.

In 2016, The State Journal-Register reported that:

“The band’s name came from a guy named Myers who “lived down by the river” and “stayed drunk all the time.” The boys nicknamed him “Whiskey,” then nicked the name for themselves when they started playing around.”

If that is true, an old drunk would probably tell some crazy stories like theirs, so at least his legend is living on through their outlandish answers. While their lips are sealed tight, and the origin of their name will be taken to their graves, you have to commend Cody Cannon and the rest of the group for their creativity when asked the question.

For some of us we can hold out hope that one day we will know the true origin of Whiskey Myers…

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