Lioness Pops The Tire Of Tourist’s Vehicle In South Africa

Lion eats tire

What are some bad times and places to get a flat tire?

I’d say having a tire pop during a thunderstorm wouldn’t be good, nor would getting a flat in the middle of the night right next to a creepy cemetery (throwing that in there just for “Spooky Season”).

You could go through and rattle off a multitude of examples of bad places and bad times to get a flat tire, and they would all pale in comparison to what happened to these people driving through Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The video isn’t all that long (only 11 seconds), but it still manages to cover a lot of ground and is action packed. When the footage first starts, a lioness has already made its way to the rear of the vehicle, while the person filming is seemingly hanging out the front window to record the wild animal.

As soon as the camera gets back around to the lioness, the female is already biting into the vehicle’s back tire. It doesn’t take much effort from the big cat, who quickly pierces the tread of the tire and causes it to pop.

The sound of the tire popping startles the lioness, who keeps its eyes on the tire it was just gnawing on and slowly steps away. Another short burst of air comes out of the tire (it was a full blowout), which ends up encouraging the lioness to move away even further.

That’s when we are introduced to another character of the tire-popping story: a male lion just chilling on the side of the road watching it all go down. The pop of the tire definitely got the intimidating lion’s attention, but it was still staying put and watching from a distance when the video cuts off.

I do wish the video kept going, or there was at least an update on how things went down afterwards, because I know you are thinking what I’m thinking. How did they get the tire changed?

If you’ve ever had to change a tire, you know that it isn’t the fastest process in the entire world. It is definitely not a task where you want “extra, outside challenges,” such as having to fend off full grown lions.

Changing the tire is enough of a headache, and the only silver lining I could see coming out of this situation is that you could set a world record for fastest tire change. Having two lions nearby closely watching you would probably have someone looking like a NASCAR pit crew out there putting on the spare.

Take a look at the wild video below:

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