White Moose Gets Drunk On Fermented Apples, Picks A Fight With A Lawnmower

White moose eats apples, fights lawnmower
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Who hasn’t had a few too many and tried to start a fight you probably shouldn’t? You have a few beers and all of a sudden you’re trying to fight your reflection in the mirror, or a shadow on the street that turns out to be a traffic cone.

It happens…

Well this beautiful white moose apparently had a few too many apples and got a little sloshed, then tried to pick a fight – with a lawnmower.

The video shows the moose eating fresh apples off the tree, which obviously wouldn’t get the moose drunk, but according to the homeowner the moose also ate some of the fermented apples that were laying on the ground at the base of the tree.

Once the booze kicked in, the moose began stumbling and then got spooked by the automatic lawnmower that was patrolling the yard. After initially tripping over the robot mower, the moose went back to finish the job, stomping the lawnmower and finishing it off for good – and grab a few more apples off the tree.

A wild encounter no doubt, but I have to ask… do these robo-mowers actually work? I might need to get my hands on one of them.

Moose Walks Into A Movie Theater, Snacks On Some Popcorn And A Happy Meal

I guess everybody really wants to see that new Super Mario Brothers movie right now.

Cameras captured the wild moment that a moose walked into a movie theater in Kenai, Alaska, clearly catching the poor young girl behind the counter off guard as she recorded the wild scene on her cell phone.

The young moose wandered in (without buying a ticket, because who can afford that these days) and quickly turned his attention to the popcorn and then digging through the trash, finding a Happy Meal box and getting it stuck on his snout.

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The moose eventually made his way out of the theater, Happy Meal box still on his head, as the employees kept their distance and tried to figure out the best way to get the creature back outside.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, theater manager Ricky Black was upstairs when his employee called him for help, and came downstairs to see the unusual – and amusing – scene:

“She was behind the counter. She wasn’t in immediate danger from the moose. And she’s like, ‘Stop laughing. This is serious.’”

Nick Fowler, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said that the moose was likely attracted to the theater by the same thing that attracts humans as we walk by: The smell of fresh popcorn.

“It definitely could smell that popcorn. It’s just a very common reaction for anybody or anything that comes into the theaters.”

Yet Fowler said while the moose didn’t appear to be aggressive, it’s important not to assume that the animal was safe to approach:

“You can get injured by by any wildlife. And it’s important not to assume that a younger animal that maybe is displaying what someone decides is not aggressive behavior isn’t going to be involved in a negative human wildlife interaction.”

Alaska is wild, man…

Hunter Almost Gets Railroaded By Monster Bull Moose

Please folks, don’t go looking for trouble out there.

Nature is wild and unforgiving… these animals won’t think twice about running you right over.

Moose are the most dangerous animals in our forests. It seems surprising, yet not at all at the same time. Ninety nine percent of interactions are completely innocent, ending with the moose heading in the opposite direction of you. That being said, the interactions that are not so innocent have a high likelihood of you getting seriously hurt…

I mean, they are the largest member of the deer family, weighing north of 1,500-pounds in some cases. They strand over 6-feet tall, meaning they got legs the size of most people.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be catching a kick from one of them.

Moose are fun though. They are relatively predictable in their movements, if you get to know a bit about moose you can generally find them if they are around. This can easily cause a moose obsession where all you want to do is find moose, particularly big ones just to watch.

Every moose lover has a strong appreciation for the rut. In the fall of every year moose change and get ready for breeding. If you’ve spent time in moose territory you have likely had the privilege of hearing a cow calling out loudly for bull to come. Moose calling is fairly simple to replicate or use a electronic call for, making moose calling a great pastime.

Calling in a bull is a bit of an art, but it is certainly unforgettable every time you do.

You have to be careful though. Bull moose take their breeding seriously and will fight off any competition. I mean, ya can’t blame them they only get a go at it once a year.

Moose are an easy animal to fool, due to their poor eyesight, which is why they can be dangerous… when you can’t see that well, you’re safer to charge first and ask questions later. Often times putting something up next to your head mimicking an antler is enough to make them think their competition is around.

This man almost got the shit-end of the stick while out having some backcountry fun. A couple hunters came across a smasher of a bull moose on a backroad when they decided to toy with the lad a little bit.

The video shows one antler holding up pieces of bone to mimic antlers as he thrashes around, letting out moose grunts in the process. The ol’ moose can’t help himself and comes to the call. He’s weary as he comes in, but he just needs to know if it’s real competition.

The man stands his ground until the two are literally face-to-face. He then decides to turn and walk away, but the moose takes this as a sign of weakness and starts to charge.

The hunter runs and eventually manages to get his rifle off his shoulder, but the moose thought better of completing the charge.

You know what they say about playing stupid games…

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