The Memes About America Kicking Everyone’s A** In Flag Football In The 2028 Olympics Are Downright HILARIOUS

Justin Jefferson
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In case you missed it, the 2028 Olympics announced that they would be adding in flag football as a sponsored sport, along with baseball/softball, cricket, squash, and lacrosse.

All of those other sports being added is exciting, but the only one that anyone has been talking about is the addition of the safer, non-tackle version of football. Naturally, everyone across the country has been talking about how great America would be at flag football, considering that football is probably our “one big national sport” that no one else in the world really plays.

And when it was announced that NFL players will be encouraged to participate in flag football during the 2028 Olympics, social media has stayed busy doing two things:

Crafting dream NFL lineups to take on the world in flag football

-Making memes about how bad it would be for other countries to matchup against the NFL all-star team that USA would trot out

Can you imagine some of the NFL’s best players taking on athletes from all around the world that probably don’t play football full-time, or maybe even just learned how to play for the Olympics? That is the idea of the memes that are flooding the internet right now, and let me tell you, they are all laugh-out-loud funny. Enjoy a collection of some of the best I’ve seen below:

Absolute gold from every single one of those memes above.

I guess time will only tell if the jokes become reality when America assembles the greatest flag football team the world has ever seen at the 2028 Olympics. Can’t wait…

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