Travis Kelce Denies Pushing Taylor Swift’s Security Guard Out Of The Way To Open Her Car Door

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift
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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift still have a chokehold on the nation.

While football fans are over it, Taylor Swift fans (i.e., hardcore Swifties) have been eating up their first non-football-related public appearance over the weekend.

The duo stepped out in New York City this weekend, and even made a surprise appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, with Kelce poking fun at the NFL’s obsession with his new lady.

But Kelce is getting some pushback from a series of paparazzi photos that showed the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs appearing eager to help Taylor Swift out of their car as they arrived at an SNL afterparty.

On the latest episode of New Heights, the podcast Travis and his brother Jason co-host together, Jason asked Travis about the allegations that he “pushed” Swift’s security guard out of the way so that he could open the door for his love interest.

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Jason says that was not the case.

“I didn’t push him. I placed my hand on the gentleman’s back to let him know I was behind him.

If I would have pushed him, he probably would have turned around and tased me…”

Jason, of course, has to give his brother a little flack, teasing him that the way he described it sounds like someone who would push a security guard would say.

While it’s good to hear that Swift’s team is doing their job to ensure the international pop star stays safe, you can hear from Kelce’s voice that he was just trying to be a gentleman and open the door for Swift.

Can you blame him? He’s aiming to impress.

Travis Kelce continues to explain the situation, saying that the encounter was more like:

“Good sir, would you excuse me? I need to get the door. Sorry. Right behind you. Don’t want to startle you. I know it’s your job to keep crazy people away, and if you get randomly pushed in the back while standing in front of a door, that could probably be a little alarming.”

Chivalry isn’t dead with Travis Kelce is the takeaway from this…

Check out the full episode here:

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