Sean McVay Gives All-Time Quote On Not Missing A Game For Son’s Birth: “My Son Knows Better Than To Come During A Game”

Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams

Being a football coach is more than a job. It’s a lifestyle.

NFL head coaches certainly take their jobs seriously (some possibly too seriously), and that was proven earlier today when Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay stood up at the podium to talk to the media.

McVay, known to be one of the best offensive minded coaches in the NFL, was fielding questions from reporters when a very important subject came up.

Sean and his wife Veronika Khomyn are expecting a baby boy, and based on reports, “Baby McVay” is expected any day now. There was even a hilarious graphic during last week’s NFL slate that announced McVay as active after there were rumors that he could miss the game for the birth of his child:

Love that having a child gets you the “injury report” treatment from the NFL…

And to be honest, it sounds like Sean himself might be speaking about himself in day-to-day terms, considering that his son could be coming into the world at any moment.

McVay was asked during his press conference how he was feeling on a personal level, and how he was holding up as he navigated being a head coach during such a busy and exciting time in life.

McVay responded as a football coach would:

“My wife’s doing great. I think there was a lot made about me missing a game. I’m not gonna miss a game. My son knows better than to come during a game.

That’s not gonna be anything that we have to worry about, but she’s been awesome. Everything is kind of on schedule for what we had planned and (I) do not see that interfering with anything as it relates (to) football.”

Knowing that your son won’t be born on an NFL game day is such a football coach move. McVay seems to be saying it as if he somehow knows deep down that it’s true, though it did go over well as a joke in a media room…

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