On This Date: George Jones & Tammy Wynette Released Their First Duets Album ‘We Go Together’ In 1971

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Epic Records

Their first album together.

While George Jones and Tammy Wynette didn’t work out romantically, there is no denying their musical chemistry was something.

52 years ago today, the dynamic duo put out their first album together. While they had been married for three years at this point, the album signified the start of their musical endeavors, appropriately named We Go Together. 

Released in 1971 through Epic Records, this was the first album that Jones worked on with producer Bill Sherrill. Their relationship would flourish for more albums, with Sherrill clearly making an impression on Jones when We Go Together hit number three on the charts.

This album also signified an important milestone in Jones’ career, marking him leaving Musicor, his previous label, and jumping to join Tammy at Epic Records. Jones had to pay a hefty fine to get out of that contract, but the opportunity to finally work on projects with his wife made it worth it at the time.

The tracks from the album highlight traditional country sounds found throughout the ’70s. With deep twangs and lots of steel guitar, this album highlights the vocal talent of both Wynette and Jones and the buttery smooth blend of their vocals together through harmonies.

Each song off the album highlights aspects of their relationship, like the title track of the album listing out items that make sense together, like George and Tammy.

“We go together like the storm and rain
Just like the fire that needs the flame
Just like the picture needs the frame
We go together.”

This album highlights the start of the many years George and Tammy sang together, coming out of the gate with a bang.

Take a listen.

“We Go Together”

“Livin’ On Easy Street”

“After Closing Time”


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