No, An Inmate Named “Incarcerated Rasheed” Didn’t Hit A 6-Leg Parlay To Pay His $10,000 Bond

Inmate parlay

If you follow any sports or gambling accounts, you’ve for sure seen this story, and right off the bat it seems just too good to be true.

Allegedly, an inmate who goes by the name “Incarcerated Rasheed” needed $10,000 to pay his bond to get out of jail, so he decided to call up a friend on the outside, put $500 down on a 6-leg all moneyline parlay, and walked away with a cool $13,344, enough to pay the bond, get out of jail and have some cash to get back on his feet or work on his defense.

But there’s a few problems with this story.

For starters, we can just go to his TikTok, X, and Instagram account (TT/X: saetv22, IG:S.A.E_T.V22) and see that this is far from the first time he’s taken a video of himself putting down some bets.

In fact, he’s consistently given gambling advice since September 24th of this year and posted other random videos since March. That’s a far cry from a one-shot parlay to get out of a sticky situation like was implied in most of the coverage.

Secondly, in the bio of his accounts, he lists the name on his Homewav account, a service to help connect families with their incarcerated loved ones, as Larry M. Holmes and his location as Macon County, Illinois. (His X account is also under the name Larry Holmes)

A quick Google search gives us a story on Herald & Review of a Larry M. Holmes being arrested back in November 1st, 2022 after leading Decatur Police on a high speed chase through the city that reached speeds of 78 miles per hour. He already had two warrants out for his arrest in Coles and Sangamon County on charges of possessing a stolen vehicle and criminal damage to government property.

A .380 caliber “Bersa Thunder” semi-automatic handgun was found on the floorboards of his vehicle after he tried to flee on foot when officers disabled his vehicle. During an interview, he claims to have won the gun while gambling a few days ago and was carrying it for protection. He later pled not-guilty to two counts of armed violence and one count of being a felon in possession of a weapon, as Holmes had 4 prior felony convictions on top of the outstanding warrants.

At least that proves he’s a true gambler, and oh yeah, the mug shot for that arrest is his profile picture on all of his social media accounts, so it’s definitely him.

This information lead me to check in on Macon County’s Inmate Inquiry Website, which shows exactly where prisoners are, what their bond situation is, and if they have been released.

According to that website, Larry Marvelious Holmes is still currently in custody at the Macon County Jail. His total bail amount is $750,000 and his bond amount is $75,000, meaning the story of the magical $10,000 bond seems to be completely fabricated.

Although, I guess he could have been saving up the winnings to pay the $75,000 total and just had $10k left to go, but given the fact that he’s still in jail as of me checking that website just minutes ago, I’m calling it how I see it, a fake story meant to drive up clicks so people can get that Elon Musk engagement bonus.

Oh well, it was fun to believe for awhile and it’s still a hell of a parlay to throw together. Absolute respect where it’s due.

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