Idiot Hops Off His E-Bike & Walks Over To Bison For A Selfie

Touron in Yellowstone
Tourons of Yellowstone

The ignorance…

Oh, to be born in this day and age and not to have a care in the world. Or maybe it’s to care about all the wrong things? I don’t know, I’m no expert on anything, but I do know we can do better than this, folks.

First of all, bison are the largest animal to roam North America. They can reach 2,000 pounds at their most, meaning even a small bison is far larger than your average human. And sure, bison aren’t typically aggressive animals, and they eat plants. But they are that big and that big for a reason. I mean, one of the largest populations is in Yellowstone National Park where there are all sorts of predators like grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars. These animals are more than fine with fighting something off.

And when they’re not fighting off predators, they can be battling with each other. I’ve seen a charging bison lift another one completely off the ground and toss it backwards. What do you think it is capable of doing to you?

Surely no human would think of approaching one and making them uncomfortable, right? Wrong… we still see it time after time. This is a wild one though…

This guy was riding through Yellowstone National Park on his E-bike, as if he was doing some good for the world. I’m all for eco-friendly options, but can we at least be consistent? If you want to do right by the environment leave the wildlife alone. Harassing wildlife for a selfie is disrupting nature.

But this guy was out to prove himself a fool. He parked his bike and trekked out into the plains just to get a selfie with the bison. He is seen out there with his helmet on, as if that would provide any protection.

Don’t be this guy…

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