Eagles WR DeVonta Smith Has Brutally Honest Explanation For Dropped Balls: “I Just F**king Dropped It”

Devonta Smith Eagles

Sometimes all you can do is tell the truth, and that’s what Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith decided to do after his team’s first loss of the season. Football is a team sport, so the loss can’t be entirely blamed on just one person. However, you can always point to some things that happened in the game that definitely didn’t help the team win.

DeVonta Smith has been a superstar for the Eagles ever since he entered into the NFL in 2021, but his performance this past Sunday was one to forget. The talented Alabama Crimson Tide alum had a number of opportunities to help his team out, and though he still had a respectable game, there were a couple of noticeably bad drops.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts put a couple of balls in the “breadbasket” for Smith, and though he normally would catch them no problem, DeVonta just couldn’t hold onto them. It’s not like him to struggle to bring them in, which is why he didn’t make any excuses when reporters asked him about it after the game.

A media member in the locker room was trying to get a couple of quotes from the Eagles wide out, and decided to bring a hard-hitting question to the table:

“Did you take your eye off the ball with those two drops, or can you explain what happened?”

DeVonta Smith didn’t even need to take a moment to gather himself before firing back his honest, transparent answer:

“Nah, I just f**king dropped it. I need to be better.”

How about that? That’s really all there is to it, but the reporter decided that he wanted to move forward with a follow up question on the drops:

“What can you learn from this experience?”

Not a great question, which warranted an equally not great answer from Smith:

“Ain’t nothing to learn. Catch the damn ball…”

Yeah, Smith knows he didn’t do a good job catching the ball (which is technically his job), so moving forward he’ll try to do his job better.

Shoutout to DeVonta for keeping it real with the reporters, and here’s to hoping that he doesn’t have to be asked obvious questions from here on out. I’d assume if just catches the balls thrown towards him, everything will be fine.

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