Comedian Nate Bargatze Ripping On Brad Paisley Will Never Get Old

Nate Bargatze
Nate Bargatze

Man, I love me some Nate Bargatze.

The clean comic from Nashville, Tennessee has long been a fan favorite, but after he released three specials on Netflix, including Tennessee Kid, his career absolutely exploded and he began touring the country and selling out enormous venues, including setting the attendance record at a hometown show in the Bridgestone Arena earlier this year.

It was previously set just a month earlier when Morgan Wallen put on a free concert to celebrate the release of his One Thing At A Time album.

Nate was just announced as one of the guest hosts for Season 49 of Saturday Night Live, which got me thinking about one of his bits from around 6 years ago…

Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo

Back in 2017, Brad Paisley recorded a comedy special titled “Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo” which featured appearances from comedians like John Heffron, Jon Reep, Sarah Tiana, Mike E. Winfield, and you guessed it, Nate Bargatze.

Nate starts by telling Brad his favorite song, or at least his favorite one by Brad…

“Here’s what I was thinking, my favorite song, uhh of yours, that you do, I have more, I have other ones that are way more favorite, but of the ones out of yours, uhm, is uhm, “Letter To Me” I’m a big fan.”

Nice little rip there, gotta love Brad just taking it in the ribs and trying to move on with it.

Also, “Letter To Me” is absolutely one of Brad’s best songs so great choice by old Nate there. But things just get funnier as Brad tries to play the song and each time Nate interrupts and basically says “What the heck are you doing dude? That sounds nothing like the song I know.”

Brad keeps trying until he finally just plays the last note of the song and Nate hits him with another great line.

“That’s not, I’ve never even heard that song at all to be honest.”

Absolutely classic Nate right there.

I’ve got to go see him live at some point, because if he’s this funny on video, I can’t even imagine how it would feel live.

And if you’re not familiar at all, here’s a 20 minute highlight reel of Nate to catch you up to speed:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock