Middle-Aged Dad Wearing A Justin Fields Jersey KOs Another Bears Fan In Chaotic Soldier Field Brawl

Bears fans fighting at soldier field

It’s not going well in Chicago…

The Bears, after making a ton of moves this offseason to get Justin Fields some weapons, sure up the defense and improve the team in a wide open NFC North, have fallen woefully short of meeting even mediocre expectations. And now Justin Fields, who may not even be “the guy,” is on the mend with a dislocated thumb…

It’s bad… so bad, that fans are fighting each other at Soldier Field.

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of Mondays. None of us really are, but there is one thing about Mondays that I’ve began to love this time of year… videos popping up of fights that went down during NFL games on Sunday.

The video starts off with a middle-aged dad in a Justin Fields jersey shoving a guy to the ground. He then turns around and delivers a DEVASTATING punch to a guy in the face, sending him face first into the pavement.

There’s another fight going on between two other guys in the background, and the guy in the Justin Fields jersey walks over and pries one of the guys off the other. However, they continue to punch each other, and you can see the guy in the black hoodie brutally stomp on the other.

Then, the guy in the Walter Payton jersey, who somehow isn’t dead, gets up and actually walks over to the other fight, but the man in the Fields jersey shoves him back to the ground again before some women can run over and cool things down. Now it’s uncertain what started this fight, but it’s easy to see that the guy in the Fields jersey woke up and chose violence. I mean, nothing is going right for the Bears, might as well throw some sucker punch haymakers in the beer line, eh? Catch a couple felonies, eh? Trash… just like this team right now.

Pretty much sums up the season, though…

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock