Cody Jinks Fired Up The Crowd With Full Throttle Performance Of “Hurt You” At Red Rocks

Cody Jinks Red Rocks
Cody Jinks

There’s something in that Colorado air that makes a Red Rocks show incredibly special. Combine that with a performer like  Cody Jinks, and you’ve got pure electricity.

Jinks took to the legendary venue stage and let it rip while performing “Hurt You,” a track off his 2021 Mercy album. Written by Jinks, along with his wife Rebecca, Ward Davis, and Greg Jones, the quick-paced twanger highlights the lyrics of a hurt man who is singing out of anger, and all of those feelings are translated on stage.

“I’m gonna hurt you like you’ve never hurt
I’m gonna drive your name in the dirt
You won the battle but I win the war
I’m gonna hurt you and hurt you
I’m gonna hurt you as much as I can
And watch you cry and die where you stand
I want to hear your tears hit the floor
I’m gonna hurt you
And hurt you some more.”

His band absolutely shreds during the bridge, fully embodying the outlaw spirit of Jinks and his crew. Needless to say, if a snippet of this show looked as incredible as it does from this video, I can’t imagine how electric the whole set was.

This is why Cody Jinks is one of the greats…

“Hurt You” was also the first official music video that Jinks every shot… check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock