Brent Cobb Reveals That Whiskey Myers Wanted To Cut “Let The Rain Come Down” But The Steel Woods’ Jason “Rowdy” Cope Wanted To Keep The Hit

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Brent Cobb was one of my favorite artists we chatted with during the Rebels & Renegades Music Festival.

While I could sit and ask Cobb questions all day long about his songwriting and the incredible tracks in his discography, this was one of my favorite things we learned during our interview.

We asked Cobb if there was ever a song he wished he had kept for himself, which led to a great story about “Let The Rain Come Down.”

If you haven’t heard the track “Let The Rain Come Down,” pause here… scroll to the bottom of this article, listen to the tracks, then resume.

While many people know the version of the track featured on The Steel Woods’ debut album, Straw In The Wind, many fans might not know that Brent Cobb is the mastermind behind the lyrics, along with Jason “Rowdy” Cope.

As Cobb told us in our interview, he has always considered himself a songwriter first, and this famed track highlights just a sliver of his talent.

While the track was made famous by  The Steel Woods, Brent Cobb shared with us that another heavy-hitting band in the industry was pawing to get their hands on the track.

“You know when me and Rowdy from The Steel Woods, my buddy…RIP. When we wrote ‘Let The Rain Come Down,’ we started writing that song 18 years ago in L.A., and then I finished it a few years later. 

I recorded a version of it, and then they recorded a version of it, and then Whiskey Myers, they wanted to record a version of it…they’re our buddies, you know. 

But I remember Rowdy hitting me up, and he was like, “Hey man, I heard Whiskey Myers wanted to record a version of ‘Let The Rain Come Down.'”

But Rowdy knew that they should keep the song for themselves:

“He was like, ‘Don’t let them have it…it’s going to be a big song for us.'”

And Rowdy was right about that.

While I could bet money Whiskey Myers could have laid down a killer version, The Steel Woods and Brent Cobb’s studio cuts of the track highlight two incredible artists singing it. Frankly, I’m not sure the musical world could handle three versions of it out there from these heavy hitters.

Cobb then says that he was more than flattered Whiskey Myers wanted to record the project he wrote on.

“Anything I write, I want anybody to record…

If Willie Nelson, if he wasn’t too good to do it, then I’m ain’t too good to do it.”

As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Maybe one day we will see a Whiskey Myers cut of “Let The Rain Come Down.”

And if hearing that Brent Cobb loves sharing his songs with others doesn’t make you love him more, I’m not sure what will.

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Check out both Brent Cobb’s version and The Steel Woods’ while you’re here.

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